doctor discussing Los Angles detoxification centers with patient Did you know: up to 25% of people who try to detox on their own will die trying? Safe detoxification means having specially trained professionals oversee and manage the process.

Based on the client’s dependency to the substance, the withdrawal symptoms associated with certain drugs and alcohol can be lethal, so it is advised to have a medical professional present when starting this phase of treatment.

CLARE|MATRIX’s multidisciplinary team comprising of medical professionals including Addictionologists, Psychiatrists, and nursing staff supervise the detoxification process and administer clinical support as needed.

We provide people with the care and support they need during this stage of treatment. If a person shows signs of distress from withdrawal, proper medical care can be administered to ensure their safety. Once the detox process is complete, people can continue onto the next step of your treatment – an outpatient opioid treatment program or residential treatment program.

Get The Help You Need

If you think you may be struggling with a substance use disorder, talk with your healthcare provider, call CLARE|MATRIX at 866.452.5273 or contact any of our Spokes.

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