Julia Lundeberg, Chief Clinical Officer

CLARE|MATRIX is proud to announce that Julia Lundeberg is now our Chief Clinical Officer. Julia has worked in the substance use and mental health field for the past 17 years and has held multiple roles at this organization.


Describe your current work and career highlights

I have always been interested in observing people and learning about what makes them tick. My undergraduate major was in Psychobiology—I realized early on that I did not want to be in the research field, but rather in a clinical setting. I’ve had the opportunity to work for publishing companies on the east coast where I spent twenty years as an editor and a ghost writer. When I moved to California and discovered that someone could be a Masters-level Psychotherapist I was inspired to pursue it. Every career opportunity that I have been presented with has consisted of me being entrusted to set up systems, organize, and meet budget requirements in a limited amount of time. I discovered that through the encouragement and support of those around me that I was able to achieve my goals with little struggle. I have been fortunate to have very supportive mentors and colleagues that have helped make where I am today possible. I initially came to CLARE as a clinical supervisor and was tasked with getting our first CARF Accreditation. I trained staff on progress notes, treatment plans, and assessments. I left for a while to work as a Director in the mental health field, but came back to CLARE at a time when changes were taking place that allowed me to work in utilization review and quality assurance.

What attracted you to the field of Substance Use Treatment?

I became drawn to working in the field when I realized the many children, teens, and young adults that were using drugs and getting into legal trouble. Knowing that these children could very well be my own inspired me to understand the problem and become part of the solution. When speaking with fellow staff members and my peers that are in recovery I noticed that integrity and accountability are at the forefront of their lives. This is a commitment that I always strive for. Although I am not in recovery I believe in living the principles that drive the people that are so that I can better serve my team and persons in care.

What is the most fulfilling part of working at CLARE|MATRIX?

The fact that I get to be creative and understanding that there is no set solution because the needs of some of the people at highest risk require constant adaptation. I will never get tired of learning new things and I always welcome change. Our core values keep me grounded and I always strive to exemplify them in a way that helps me better serve the people in our programs as well as fellow staff members. Having team members that are transparent, empowering, honest, and committed to dignity for all drives the work I do.

What is a fun fact about you that not many people know about?

I used to race street motorcycles on the east coast. I loved racing because it’s all about honing in on the path you need to take and focus on maneuvering around obstacles that get in the way. It’s much the same sentiment that I use when working and dealing with everyday life. Sometimes it may mean negotiating with an obstacle respectfully and safely in a compassionate manner.