Our Supporters

CLARE | MATRIX gratefully acknowledges the following donors over the past year.
Together, our donors make our programs possible and allow us to ‘turn no one away due to an inability to pay.’

To make a gift in any amount, contact Shireen Ossanlo at sossanlo@clarematrix.org.

(List of donors of $500 or more as of June 30, 2021)

$50,000 +

The Ahmanson Foundation
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
The Chuck Lorre Family Foundation
Ms. and Mr. Erica Fisher, MSW
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Saint John's Health Center Foundation
The Werner Family Foundation

$10,000 - $49,999

Andrew Besser and Joanna Burstein
The Ernest G. Herman Foundation
Fanny and Svante Knistrom Foundation
The Green Foundation
Mr. Van Hohman
Malibu Films
Peggy and Ray Rosenthal
RJA Foundation
Syzygy Foundation
Westside Family Health Center

$5,000- $9,999

American Legion
Awakening Recovery
Barchesco, LLC.
Frank and Kathrine Baxter
Bessemer Trust
Mr. James C. Birch and Gale DeKrassel
Patrick and Mikelyn Dooley
Kevin and Loree Fahy
Christine Grella
Burt Harris Jr.
Mr. Stanley Janowiak
Los Angeles Trial Lawyers' Charities
Paul J. Mandabach
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford S. Mann
McMaster-Carr Supply Co.
Michael's House Treatment Center
George Molsbarger
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nelson
Tom Damask and Jeanne Obert
Pacific Premier Bank
Abhilash and Kelly Patel
Southern California Gas Co.
Dr. Lisa and Robert Steele
Warner Bros. Entertainment
Western University of Health Services
Yukaholics, Inc.

$1,000 - $4,999

Ms. and Mr. Baker
Ms. Brittany Balbo
Ms. Kathy Barrett
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Ms. Susan Burton
Mr. Jay Carson
Mr. Castellaneta and Ms. Lacusta
Mr. Andrew Clay
Ms. Nancy Coglizer
Don Empakeris
Deb and Irwin Feinberg
Darius & Carla Gagne, Abacus Wealth Partners
Mr. and Mrs. Going
Rosemary and Bruce Grakal
Mrs. Paige Adams Geller
Hunt Turner, WGB Benefits Insurance Services
Ms. Donna Johnson JD
Ms. George and Mr. Kasdan
Trice Koopman and Mark Freund
The Lisa Berger Group


The Lucille Ellis Simon Foundation
Colleen McAndrews and Rob Wood
Ms. McCarthy
Ms. Strempek and Mr. McMillan
Vance and Patricia Meyer
Ryan Onishi and Angie Vo
Palisades Lutheran Church
Judge and Mrs. Neidorf
Lucy Nguyen and Dan George
Mr. and Mrs. Ravitz
Mr. Louis Ravitz
Dorothy Richards
Mr. and Ms. Rosen
Rotary Club of Santa Monica
Mr. Savage
Shelter Partnership
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
Chelsea and Ken Simms
Susie and Charly Franklin
Mr. Solomon and Ms. Pardo
Elizabeth and Michael Tobin

$500 - $999

Carolyn Cohen
Cynthia Amer
Dana Kelly, Jr and Jean Brincko
Dawn Michelle
Dr. Elizabeth Rossotto
Dr. Jeffery N. Wilkins and Stacy Wilkins
Graham and Constance Yost
Jack V. Hoffmann
Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest
Liesel Friedrich
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kerr
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Whilt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Childress
Mr. Carl Lisberger

Mr. Colin Coyne
Mr. David Futch
Mr. David Obert
Mr. David S. Cohen
Mr. Hersh Davis-Nitzberg
Mr. John Hennigan
Mr. Kevin Ralph
Mr. Kevin Sands DDS
Mr. Michael Dieden
Mr. Mitch Besser
Mr. Peter Miller
Mr. Rolland J. Vasin
Mr. Stephen E. Pomeroy
Mr. Tommy Pagett and Mrs. Susan Pagett
Mrs. Deborah A. Litberg

Ms. Allison Magda
Ms. Amy Anderson
Ms. and Mr. Victoria Strauss
Ms. Cindy L. Dunne
Ms. Ella D. Zarky
Ms. Emily Williams
Ms. Judy Muller
Ms. Leah Cashman
Ms. Paula Larmore
Ms. Sarah Pillsbury
Ms. Susan McMartin
Ms. Terry Morello
Sarah and Fred Doering
Theresa and Richard Pedemonte