Residential Treatment

CLARE|MATRIX’s residential treatment program provides participants with round-the-clock supervision and support during the nonmedical (subacute) detoxification process, followed by a full schedule of individual counseling and psychotherapy, drug and alcohol education, case management, and recovery support meetings. Our residential treatment offers onsite treatment for men and women at two separate, newly renovated living facilities on our Pico Campus in Santa Monica.

CLARE|MATRIX’s residential treatment program allows individuals to address their addictions, mental health and related issues in a safe setting that fosters sobriety, self-esteem, independence and healthy relationships at each person’s own pace. Weekly assessments of progress toward meeting treatment goals empowers participants toward establishing a sober lifestyle, confronting personal issues, seeking permanent housing and employment, and developing a sober social support network. The length of time in each phase is dependent on the participant’s progress toward achieving treatment goals. There is no standard length of time for each phase of treatment.

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