Recently Certified Matrix Programs

The CLARE | MATRIX Training Department would like to recognize and highlight recent programs who have been awarded a 3 Year Matrix Program Certification with Excellence.  These programs have worked hard and demonstrated the necessary skills and requirements to achieve this recognition.  We are so grateful for the hard work of these organizations, the staff and the clients who are benefiting from these great programs.  Read more about the programs below!


Catacamas, Honduras

The Director of Training, Donna Johnson spent 8 days in Honduras training and providing the certification review for PREDISAN-CEREPA.  PREDISAN-CEREPA provides a huge portion of healthcare and substance use treatment for the Catacamas area.  The Key Supervisor Dr. Amanda Madrid has done an amazing job in ensuring the Matrix program has been implemented to fidelity.  During the visit, Donna participated in not only the training but various marketing initiatives, videos and was featured on a Honduras TV Talk show to provide information on the Matrix Model and the services of PREDISAN-CEREPA. This organization has an amazing group of doctors, psychologist, therapist and staff who are dedicated to providing the best possible services in an area and country with few resources and significant poverty.  The program demonstrated outstanding program outcomes.  The entire week of training was provided in Spanish. It was a great demonstration that even though there are different languages the goals of providing quality programs to help others is an international language.




Weber Human services was recently reviewed for a re-certification and the program continues to provide exemplary services.  The Key Supervisor Mike Hanley provides superior supervision of the program and is often in touch with the  C|M Training Dept to ensure he is adhering to the fidelity of the program.  It is the only program in Utah that offers integrated comprehensive care and we are so pleased that the Matrix Model is part of the services and programming in Utah.



ST CROIX, Wisconsin

It was very apparent that St. Croix is dedicated to providing the best quality programming.  Donna our Training Director attended a group which was attended by clients both in-person and virtual.  The clinican did a great job of using the Matrix materials and information to address the needs of everyone even though they were attending both virtually and in-person.  The Key Supervisor Kristin DePrey has been a huge advocate for Matrix and has been very supportive of the Matrix program and stating the benefits of the program in marketing and when speaking about her program.  While meeting with clients one individual discussed his past all of his past challenges such as losing his home, jail and losing contact with his son.  He was so proud to report he now has a great job, has a stable home and has reconnected with his son.  He is a Matrix graduate and reported almost 9 months in recovery and often comes in to serve as a co-leader for the groups.



Lebanon, Indiana

INWELL began its process with Matrix utilizing the Matrix Criminal Justice curriculum.  The program was developed to reduce recidivism and working with re-entry programs, jails, drug courts and IOP program for individuals involved with the justice system.  The Key Supervisor for this program Carrissa Goff,  is a gifted clinician who took over the program from another clinician but clearly developed it with energy and dedication to the program.  She provided the groups flawlessly and you could tell the clients were engaged and invested in the program.  Carissa reported that one young man who was supposed to meet with Donna, reported his wife had a baby that morning and would not be there.  Shortly after,  the young man came in and reported that his wife and baby were doing well and that he needed to be in group.  He indicated that if he did not take care of his recovery he would not be the father and husband he needed to be.  He was very appreciative of the program and what Matrix had taught him.  We love seeing the great successes and positive program outcomes.



Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

NRC is the main treatment facility for that area of the United Arab Emirates.   The Key Supervisor for the program is Dr Mansour Shawky was very educated about Matrix and the implementation and requirements for Matrix programming.  Donna was in Abu Dhabi for 10 days providing all the Matrix trainings, other trainings, and program certification.   Donna reported that reviewing programs from other countries,  it is always amazing how well they are able to take the Matrix content and adapt it to meet the needs of their culture.  NRC is exemplary in that regard.   Their dedication to providing quality Matrix programming was demonstrated thru the patient feedback and participation in the groups and the review of the Matrix manuals groups and the trainings.  It was impressive to see the use of the Co-Leaders with some having 4 years of recovery and continuing to give back and provide support for new patients in the program.


The Matrix Model Certification Process is designed to identify those treatment programs that are implementing the Matrix Model with fidelity. The certification provides assurance that the program is, in fact, delivering the treatment as it was designed to be delivered for maximum effectiveness.  Becoming a Matrix Model Certified Program not only demonstrates the fidelity of the model and the successes of the program, but organizations can use that certification to set themselves apart from other providers.  It can be used for marketing and grant applications to show they are providing Matrix programming with fidelity and have been recognized for the quality programming thru the certification process.

CLARE|MATRIX will provide certification to organizations that apply and meet the criteria. As part of this process, Matrix will also provide ongoing support, guidance and assistance in the effective implementation and utilization of the Matrix Model of Treatment. The goal is for the certified programs to form a supportive alliance where they can share information, innovations, support and encouragement for each other.

This alliance of certified, evidence-based Matrix programs will also provide additional opportunities in the continuing evolution of the Matrix Model of Treatment. For more information about how to obtain Matrix Model Program certification, please contact CLARE|MATRIX: Donna Johnson,  Director of Training at or 877-422-2353