Our Initiatives

Women’s Initiative – All Women Expansion (AWE) Project

Women are the fastest growing segment of the drug epidemic, yet they receive disproportionately less treatment. When women do enter treatment, they typically have more intense medical, behavioral, psychological and social problems. There are a host of societal and structural reasons why the needs facing women are so severe.

AWE aims to transform our programming by providing a wider scope of tailored therapies, such as trauma informed care for women as well as access to lengthier treatment periods for improved long-term recovery for women and their families – setting a new standard in the field of women’s treatment. This is particularly crucial because studies have shown that longer treatment periods can lead to improved long-term recovery, management and ability to heal.

Through AWE, we will establish high impact services focused on allowing women in our programs to lead happy, productive lives. AWE is a five-year initiative that has three overarching goals:

  • Prevention and Increase Access to Treatment
  • Expansion of Integrated Treatment Services for Women and Families
  • Ensuring a Continuum of Care After Treatment

Together, we can break the cycle of overlooking women by providing them with the services they desperately need. To support AWE, please contact Denise Nelson, Chief Development Officer, at dnelson@clarematrix.org.