Matrix Certified Sites

*This page is currently being updated and does not represent the full list of current certified sites.

Matrix Certified Sites

The Matrix Model Certification Process is designed to identify those treatment programs that are implementing the Matrix Model with fidelity. The certification provides assurance that the program is, in fact, delivering the treatment as it was designed to be delivered for maximum effectiveness.

CLARE|MATRIX will provide certification to organizations that apply and meet the criteria. As part of this process, Matrix will also provide ongoing support, guidance and assistance in the effective implementation and utilization of the Matrix Model of Treatment. The goal is for the certified programs to form a supportive alliance where they can share information, innovations, support and encouragement for each other.

This alliance of certified, evidence-based programs will also provide fertile opportunities for research and development in the continuing evolution of the Matrix Model of Outpatient Treatment. For more information about how to obtain certification, please contact CLARE|MATRIX:

The following sites have achieved certification. They are recommended by CLARE|MATRIX as programs that are delivering the Matrix Model with a high degree of fidelity.

North America


Bayless Healthcare, Inc.
3301 N. Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85012


Yellow Knife, Northwest Territories
Tree of Peace Friendship Centre
5011 – 51st St. P.O. Box 2667
Yellowknife, NWT, Canada


Beachside Rehab
300 S. 6th Street
Fort Pierce, FL 34950


Hamilton Center
620 8th Avenue
Terre Haute, IN 47804


Weber Human Services
237 26th Street
Ogden Utah 84401

Outside North America

Central America

CEREPA: Centro de Rehabilitacion del Paciente Adicto
Catacamas, Olancho
Honduras, Centro America


New Beginnings
Commercial Center
Bldg. F, Suite 102-105
Hagatna, Guam

South Africa

Bosasa Youth Development Agency
Gauteng Provincial & Head Office
Mogale Business Park
1 Windsor Road Luipaardsvlei
Mogale City, 1740

+27 11 662 6000


Unidad de Salud Mental y Unidad
Consultorio de la Casa del Mar
Avda. Explanda del Muelle
s/n 30880 Aguilas
Murcia, Spain


Centro Neurocultura de Casa Valderas
Crta Los Martinez del Puerto-Rodan, s/n
Murcia, CP 30709


Centro de Atencion a Drogododependencias de Murcia
Avda de la Fama n 1
30003 Murcia, Spain


Unidad Hospitialaria de Conductas Adictivas
C/Barrion Peral s/n
30310 Cartagena
Murcia, Spain


Unidad de Patologia Dual
Santo y Real Hospital De Caridad
Camino Barrio Peral s/n (Los Barreros)
30310 Cartagena
Murcia, Spain


Neurocultura Salud
Ctra. Roldán-Los Martínez del Puerto
Torre Pacheco
Murcia, Spain


Unidad de Salud Menal de Aguilas
Consultorio Casa del Mar.
C/ Explanada del Muelle s/nº CP 30880
Murcia, Spain

Throughout South Africa, Bosasa offers drug and alcohol treatment to adolescent youth throughout South Africa at these centres:

  • Mogale Child and Youth Care Centre
  • Mahikeng Child and Youth Care Centre
  • Matlosana Child and Youth Care Centre
  • Rustenburg Child and Youth Care Centre
  • Mavambe Child and Youth Care Centre
  • Horizon Child and Youth Care Centre
  • Clanwilliam Child and Youth Care Centre
  • Namaqua Child and Youth Care Centre
  • Sikhuselekile Child and Youth Care Centre
  • John X Merriman Child and Youth Care Centre
  • Polkowane Youth Development Center
  • De Aar Youth Development Center