CLARE|MATRIX is nationally and internationally recognized for its structured, evidence-based outpatient treatment approach known as the Matrix Model. The Matrix Model is clinical training on the Evidence-Based Matrix Model of Intensive Outpatient Treatment. It is an effective protocol that has been used to treat thousands of methamphetamine, alcohol, and other substance abusing patients.

Training is appropriate for health care professionals, substance abuse treatment programs, mental health organizations, law enforcement agencies, judges, and medical facilities. All trainers have extensive clinical experience delivering and supervising the Matrix Model.


Why it Works

The Matrix Model has been refined over a 25 year period. It is an easy-to-use manualized program that integrates cognitive behavioral therapy, contingency management, motivational interviewing, 12-step facilitation, family involvement, and other elements to give patients the skills and understanding they need to overcome addiction.


Matrix Model Basic Core Training

Individuals can learn how to deliver the Matrix Model in a 2-day basic core training. Programs that have implemented the Matrix Model report significant improvement in client treatment outcomes.Training includes a didactic overview of the Matrix Model and experiential exercises. There will be special emphasis on familiarizing the audience with the most recent findings regarding psycho-social interventions that have proven useful in treating substance abuse.

These basic training options are designed to meet your needs:

  • Open Enrollment in Los Angeles Area
  • On-Site – Provided at Your Location
  • Culturally Adapted Model for American Indians/Alaskan Natives: This includes a didactic overview of the elements that comprise the Matrix Model with an emphasis on topics specific to using the American Indian / Alaskan Native Matrix Manual client handouts. In consultation with Native American colleagues, we have created a set of materials that are more culturally relevant to a wide group of American Indian, Alaskan Native, and First Nation communities across the continent.


Matrix Model Training for Key Supervisors

All agencies who receive the Matrix Model core training are asked to identify a “Key Supervisor” who will receive additional training at Matrix in Los Angeles followed by ongoing guidance in clinical supervision and maintenance of fidelity. This person will be a contact person for Matrix and will be the individual who assumes responsibility for assisting the program in getting the Model in place, maintaining trained staff and assuring fidelity to the evidence-based model.

Key Supervisor Instruction and Benefits

Instruction at a 1.5 day advanced training session where one will learn to:

  • Supervise clinicians in the Matrix Model
  • Work with administrators to adapt the Model to their setting
  • Administer the instruments that measure fidelity to the Matrix Model.
  • Access to consultations with experienced Matrix trainers and clinicians.
  • Participation in a national group of Key Supervisors around the country.
  • Assist CLARE|MATRIX in developing innovative ways to apply the Matrix Model in diverse settings and within different cultures.

Motivational Interviewing Workshops

Motivational Interviewing is the underlying style with which the Matrix Model is delivered. Many organizations that decide to deliver the Matrix Model of Intensive Outpatient Treatment also receive training in Motivational Interviewing to improve their nonconfrontational counseling skills. Training can include all staff – not just the counseling team. They can be designed to be as intensive as the organization wishes. Motivational Interviewing open workshops are also offered regularly by CLARE|MATRIX in the Los Angeles area.