Postpartum & Pregnant Women

Prenatal and postpartum medical care are critically important to the health of both mother and child. Yet, the number of pregnant women and new mothers with substance use disorders who receive care during and after pregnancy is shockingly low. Our Postpartum & Pregnant Women Program is one of the few in the region, offering the only local residential rehab program in the Greater Los Angeles area that welcomes mothers and all their children up to age 17.

This treatment program aims to decrease substance use among pregnant and postpartum women while preserving families and their quality of life. This program also seeks to increase safe and healthy pregnancies, improve birth outcomes, and prevent mental, emotional and behavioral disorders among their children.

This four-month treatment program is housed at a 30-bed residential facility on our Pico Campus in Santa Monica. Services include:

  • Clinical and substance use assessment
  • Residential treatment for pregnant and postpartum women and their children
  • Wraparound supportive services for healthcare, housing, childcare and social services
  • Sober Living

Who can be referred?

  • Pregnant women with a substance use disorder
  • Women who gave birth within 12 months and have a substance use disorder

To get treatment or refer someone to this program, please call (866) 452-5273.